About Green Plate Club

We make meatless meals easier.

Green Plate Club is for anyone who:

  • Wants to transition to vegetarianism or plant-based eating, but isn’t quite sure where to start.
  • Needs nutritionist-approved meal ideas that the whole family will love.
  • Likes to cook a homemade meal, but doesn’t always have time.
  • Is frustrated with throwing away produce that has spoiled before you've had the chance to use it.
  • Dreads putting together a menu and shopping list each week.
  • Has decision fatigue when it comes to mealtimes.

Each week, you’ll receive links to three printable meal plans and shopping lists: 5-Day Vegetarian, 5-Day Plant-Based, and 3-Day Flexitarian. Choose the one that works for you and print it out, along with the week’s recipes. You’ll also have access to previous weeks’ meal plans and all of our recipes. Want to make something different? Go for it.

Sweet Chili Veggie Tacos with Tangy SunButter Sauce-9

About the Founder

Do you want the long version or the short version?

Give me the short version!

The short version: I used to be a food blogger. I’ve founded two successful vegetarian food blogs, but I began to realize that food blogging was no longer the best platform for my work. I wanted to focus on real-life recipes; not elaborate dishes to wow others on social media or meals that would rank well on Google, but didn’t inspire any passion in me. Green Plate Club allows me to utilize the hundreds of recipes I’ve developed over the past ten years to put together meal plans that help families like mine—and yours—make mealtimes easier.

I want it all. Long version, please!

The long version: One of the innovations I was most proud of when I owned my first website was my meal plans. I spent a lot of time carefully planning menus each week. It wasn’t just a matter of picking five recipes from the archives and calling it a day—I’d arrange things in the perfect order to prevent food spoilage and ensure that only one trip to the grocery store was needed. I picked recipes that were simple enough for weeknights and that the entire family would love.

The meal plans were a huge hit. In fact, they became one of the most popular parts of the website. I had plans to build on their popularity and start selling an upgraded version, but they fell to the wayside.

In 2015, I had my first daughter and sold the blog. Fast-forward to 2019: I had my second daughter at 25 weeks and she spent four months in the NICU. A week after she was discharged—with a feeding tube and oxygen—I was laid off from the editor job I had for the past three years. I quickly landed enough freelance writing and editing work for a full-time income, but I missed developing recipes and I needed a job that would allow me to dedicate more time to my special needs baby.

That’s why I started this site.

I already planned our meals each week anyway, and I already had a sizable collection of recipes I’ve developed over the years. Maybe other people would still be interested in my meal plans? Maybe I could start a site that helps others make dinnertime easier—and helps me cut back on my freelance writing work so I’m not working full-time as a writer and as a stay-at-home-mom. Because two full-time jobs? Not ideal!

My hope is that Green Plate Club can help take the stress out of mealtimes for you. You’ll find some new favorite recipes, your kids might try a vegetable they’ve never touched before, you’ll waste less food and spend less on groceries. Sounds good, right?

Let’s get started.