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"My family has loved all of your recipes so far and I'm spending a lot less on groceries every week."

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I’m a busy person just like you. I love to cook, but I’m not about spending hours in the kitchen every night making dinner. On Green Plate Club, I share practical, delicious recipes and plant-based, flexitarian, and vegetarian meal plans that make eating meat-free easy. Most recipes have meal prep options and many are also freezer-friendly.

Every Saturday, you’ll get an email letting you know there are new meal plans to download. You’ll get access to all three of them, so you can do the vegan meal plan one week, vegetarian the next–whatever you like! Print the recipes and the shopping list and you’re set.

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What makes Green Plate Club meal plans different is that they are planned with every little detail in mind to minimize produce waste – and time spent cooking each night. Many of our meals can be made or prepped in advance. We utilize leftovers creatively and put everyday foods to use in unexpected ways. Oh, and all of our recipes and meal plans are vetted by a university-trained nutritionist.

Green Plate Club Meal Plans & Recipes

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Here's what you'll get:

  • Weekly 5-day Vegetarian Meal Plan

  • Weekly 5-day Plant-Based Meal Plan

  • Weekly 3-day Flexitarian Meal Plan

  • Printable Shopping Lists

  • Access to Meal Plan Archives + Recipes

  • Nutritionist-Vetted Content

  • Meal Plans Serve a Family of 4 for Dinner—or Dinner and Lunch for Couples and Solo Cooks

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